Watch Out Now! There is a Mini Fashionista in the Building!

I know many of my friends have enjoyed my now 4 year old princess and her outfits this past year. It has been so fun shopping and playing dress up with her. I’ve also enjoyed taking photos of her (mainly with my iPhone 7+) and her super cute outfit ideas. But I am not the only one who picks out her clothes though – SHE DOES AS WELL!

I didn’t know I would have a 4 year old fashionista on my hands. I truly believe she has better clothes than I do, LOL! For myself, I typically dress pretty basic and casual – even at work. Majority of my days during fall consists of a sweater, black or dark blue denim jeans and basic every day sneakers or booties. Some times I do like to spice things up and dress out of my norm, but on most days, I am just plain Jane. Since the day Kylie made her entrance into this world (by surprise too – see my previous posts: Part 1 & Part 2), I knew I would go CRAZY at any store I walked into. C’mon now, shopping for girls is super fun! They have a ton of items to choose from and a variety of different styles to choose from. I’m not saying boys do not have cute clothes, but I feel like everything looks the same – shirts, jeans, shoes, jackets, etc. My favorite stores for her clothes are: Zara, Nordstrom, Target, Old Navy, Gap Kids and a few web stores that do not have an actual store.

I started managing Kylie’s Instagram page about two years ago – but didn’t really start getting into it until this year. I think it’s super fun to see comments from my friends and even strangers on how much they love the way she dresses. When I post a picture of her, majority of the time I will tag the places where I bought her clothes. I want to be able to share that information with those who are interested – I have nothing to hide!

I only hope that she grows up to love any and everything about fashion just as much as I do. I not only enjoy putting these together for her, but I admire the fact that she wants to pick out what she would like to wear for the day as well. There are times where things just don’t make sense – but that’s the lovely thing about letting your kid(s) be free and creative. I always make sure that she is in tip-top shape when we leave the house, but if she wants to play dress up while we are at home, she is more than free to put anything together! I think by doing so, it will somehow mold and shape her into a very inspiring, free-spirited young adult later in life.

I don’t ever want her to think that she has to look or dress a certain way from what society tells her how she should look. We must teach and show our children that there is so much more to life than what society says is “in” or “hip”. They must be able to feel good about what they put on, even if others do not like it. We must show them that it’s okay to look different from others surrounding them. Let them know they should be unique, creative and that they are special no matter what!

Below are some of my favorite looks from the time she turned one up until Fall of this year. If you follow her Instagram page, you will definitely get much more than what I am showing in my blog. I hope to continue to post about her different looks every season on my blog, so stay tuned!

Click on each photo to find out where each piece of clothing is from!

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