5 Things I Would Do Differently.

Have you ever thought about things you would do differently if you were in your 20’s again? I mean, it’s not like you are living with regrets, but there are just certain things you would have done differently if you could go back in time. Read More

It’s Not Easy Being A Woman.

For any living woman on this earth, we should know that being a woman is not easy – It’s tough. We are emotionally unstable, indecisive humans at times. But there are times where we are very uplifting, happy, positive and motivating even when we don’t want to be. We have really rough days to where we want nothing to do with society, the world and people around us. Sometimes, WE. JUST. NEED. SPACE.

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My First Laser Experience.

Okay, let me say this first. DON’T EVER GET LASER HAIR REMOVAL!

Well, I think that came out a little too honest and a little too loud (in my head). But I meant that statement above … 50/50. Read More

My Every Day Face Faves!

Does every girl use the same make up products on a daily basis or is it just me? I literally use the same products for every occasion – work, social events, weddings, random store runs to Target. I guess I’m a little boring, but then again, I like simplicity. Read More

Missing You.

Losing someone you truly love is never easy. Especially when it’s so unexpected.

Although it’s Christmas day, I thought I’d share a story that’s been heavy on my heart and mind.

Two days after Kylie’s 5th birthday and two days before Thanksgiving, I lost someone really special to me – my grandpa. I didn’t really publicize this to people – only those very close to me. Since November 20th, life has been very different without him – mainly bad, but good in some ways as well. Besides feeling like our hearts have been ripped from our bodies, especially my grandma’s .. It has brought my entire family closer – some of them had rarely ever spoken to each other and we have not been together in the same house/room in YEARS. It’s kind of crazy how death brings people closer together, even enemies. Read More